A lot of the processes of sCanto are protected / performed via two multi signature wallets. One on the Canto Cosmos side and one on the Canto EVM side.

Canto EVM Multisig (opens in a new tab)

Process & operations

Daily transfers to the EVM address for the Cosmos multsig so that staking can be actioned on the Cosmos side.

Contract upgrades on the EVM side.

Liquidity & Incentive related activities.

Cosmos address for EVM multisig: canto1evry935lxz5ustklluu4cxlfwvlmucylgdqrxp

EVM Address for Cosmos multisig (EIP-55): 0xCB0642C69f30A9c82EDFFF395C1Be9733fBe609f

Note this is effectively the same address:

Command: cantod debug addr canto1evry935lxz5ustklluu4cxlfwvlmucylgdqrxp

Output: Address bytes: [203 6 66 198 159 48 169 200 46 223 255 57 92 27 233 115 63 190 96 159] Address (hex): CB0642C69F30A9C82EDFFF395C1BE9733FBE609F Address (EIP-55): 0xCB0642C69f30A9c82EDFFF395C1Be9733fBe609f Bech32 Acc: canto1evry935lxz5ustklluu4cxlfwvlmucylgdqrxp Bech32 Val: cantovaloper1evry935lxz5ustklluu4cxlfwvlmucyl2n88hy

Canto Cosmos Multisig


Canto Cosmos multisig follows this (opens in a new tab) process for managing a 3/5 multisig where none of the addresses can be updated without starting a new multisig. Processes are in place to cycle multsigs in the case of a security issue with any single address.

eOG Canto Contributer (neutral third party to complete the 3/5)canto1z6lmtellefdk65trrzw9twj5awhksn8hgees50

Process & operations

Staking / Unstaking