Governance Token

sCANTO will be progressivly governed by $BLOTR

Potential & current usecases for $BLOTR

Current usecases.

Today $BLOTR is used primarily as an incentive token. $BLOTR bribes have been setup on sCANTO pools on Velocimeter DEX where veFLOW holders receive $BLOTR in return for voting to direct $FLOW emissions on sCANTO and sCANTO partner pools (in some cases partner tokens are also bribing).

$BLOTR-$sCANTO pool is also available.

Future potential use cases

  1. Protocol upgrade voting via SIP's: sCANTO improvement proposals (SIP) for contracts/process/operations may be proposed and voted on by BLOTR holders. Including proposals for mechanism updates to the BLOTR token itself.

  2. Protocol mechanisms: While the sCANTO protocol is live it is also in a early stage of develop. As we progress to futher decentralisation, efficiency, profitability & public good BLOTR may be further integrated into the core protocol in aid of these goals.

  3. BLOTR may be used as a reward/incentive token. Rewarding contributers, liquidity providers, sCANTO minters, partners etc to help stimulate & faciliate growth of the protocol.

  4. Revenue sharing: $BLOTR holders may receive some form of protocol revenue. Staked CANTO earns CANTO which may be shared with $BLOTR holders as part of a future upgrade to the protocol. Other fees/revenue sources may also develop as the protocol expands.

Distribution Chart